Frequently Asked Questions

Wood pellets, although more common than a few years ago, are still a relatively unknown fuel in the Europe market, and there is still not a wide range of related information available in the mainstream. We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about wood pellets here. Please contact us if you have any other questions.
1What are wood pellets?
Wood pellets are a small, cylindrical type of fuel made from wood. They usually have a diameter of 6mm, with a length of approximately 10-25mm.
2How long can wood pellets be stored?
As long as they are kept in dry conditions, wood pellets can be stored indefinitely. Exposing pellets to moisture will cause them to expand and render them unsuitable for use in boilers. Specially designed wood pellet stores can be purchased which will keep pellets in pristine condition for the longest possible time. It is recommended that wood pellet stores are emptied and cleaned annually in order to stop the build up of excessive amounts of dust.
3How eco-friendly are wood pellets?
Wood pellets are extremely eco-friendly. They’re completely renewable, and for every tree used to make wood pellets another will be planted to replace it. The biggest environmental benefit of burning wood pellets is the low Carbon Dioxide emissions – burning wood pellets emits 90% less CO2 emissions than heating oil. The CO2 released when burning wood pellets is the same amount that is absorbed during the life cycle of the tree and hence the net release of CO2 can be said to be zero.
4Are the wood pellets of a high quality?
All of the wood pellets we supply meet the criteria of the ENPlusA1 quality standard as set out by the European governing body for this type of fuel. This certification ensures that all the pellets are of a consistent size and moisture content, with low ash content and a high ash melting temperature. As the UK’s first distributor to be awarded the ENPlusA1 certification, you can be sure that the pellets we provide are the finest available.
5Where do I store my wood pellets?
Bagged pellets should be kept dry at all times and should therefore be kept under cover. Loose pellets should be kept in a specially designed pellet store that will have been supplied as part of the original installation.
6How much ash is produced from wood pellets?
The percentage of ash produced as a proportion of weight is very low for wood pellets, at less than 0.7%. This means there is very little maintenance of the boiler, and what ash is produced can be used as a fertiliser in the garden.
7Are pellets eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive?
Yes. The Renewable Heat Incentive, a Government scheme to award regular payments to those who have adopted renewable energy, is already open for applications for commercial and public sector organisations.
8Do your wood pellets include binder?
Yes, our pellets contain less than 2% of binder which complies with ENPlusA1 guidelines.
9How can I order my wood pellets?
You can order your pellets online using either using the Get a Quote or simply using our contact form. Wood pellets are available already bagged or as a bulk blown delivery.
10How are wood pellets delivered?
If you’ve ordered pre-packed bags of wood pellets then one of our delivery vehicles will arrive and unload your fuel. If you’ve ordered bulk blown pellets then one of our vehicles will blow the fuel directly into your store. Our drivers are highly trained and we take time during the delivery to ensure minimal damage to your fuel.
11What areas do you deliver to?
Our bagged products can be delivered anywhere in the World, and the standard time for these orders is 5 working days from the date the order is placed. Bulk blown deliveries are restricted to Some Locations, and we will liaise with you to arrange a suitable delivery date.
12Is there a minimum order for wood pellets?
There is 15 tonne minimum order for our bulk blown wood pellets. However you can buy single bags or full pallets of bagged wood pellets and we’ll deliver these to your address.
13How long does it take to deliver from order?
Approximately 5 working days from the initial order date. If we anticipate any delay then we’ll be in touch to keep you fully informed. Bulk blown deliveries should take a similar period, but we’ll make sure we arrange a suitable date with you for the delivery.
14Can I replace my gas or oil boiler with a wood pellet boiler?
Providing you have enough space, you’ll be able to replace your existing boiler with a specialist one for wood pellets.
15Can I control the running of the boiler?
Most boilers are fully automatic and run off a thermostat, giving you complete control over the entire heating system. From the control system you can regulate the running of the boiler. As it is fully automatic, the boiler will re-ignite itself whenever heat is required. Some can even be operated remotely using your mobile phone.
16How often does the boiler need filling?
This is entirely dependent on the make and model of your boiler, how much the boiler is used and the heat requirements of the unit.
17Can I burn wood pellets in a smoke controlled zone?
Wood pellets themselves are not classed as smokeless. However they can be burnt in smoke controlled zones if used on a smokeless approved appliance. Almost all wood pellet boilers available are approved for use in smokes controlled zones, but we’d always recommend you check with your local council and HETAS (the organisation that manages the approval of smokeless appliances) for more information.

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